Apad Loading Equipment

APAD offers a range of specialized equipment for handling operations, including Quick-release hooks, Gangways, Marine loading arms, Truck loading arms, Metering systems, and Wagon loading arms.

  • The quick-release hook comprises a capstan system and hook, providing efficient and secure connections.
  • Gangways are customizable to meet owner specifications, consisting of dynamic and static parts.
  • Marine loading arms adhere strictly to industry standards such as CIMF, ISO16904, SIL, SIS, HAZOP, ATEX, and IEC, facilitating safe transfer operations for LNG, gas, and liquid cargoes.
  • Truck loading arms cater to various sectors, including petrochemicals, oil products, chemical products, and liquefied gases, offering turnkey solutions with automation systems, instrumentation, and loading arms.
  • Additionally, APAD provides metering systems and wagon loading arms, contributing to comprehensive handling solutions.